25 or 45min lessons
Suitable for all levels
Suitable for all age groups

Pay as you go    

Package "Pay as you go" is suitable for all group ages and for all levels. Benefit of this package is a one to one interaction and conversation with a teacher where they will have full attention with a teacher over duration of 25 or 45 minutes. All live lessons will need to be booked in advance and will be held via our Virtual classroom with a teacher from Serbia.

Pay as you go: One-to-one lessons (25 or 45min)

  • Live lessons

Our programme & and teaching methods

Our programme is specifically created for children and young people living in diaspora. The concept it self represents a completely new approach to teaching and online schooling.

We are focusing on an interactive teaching method with an aim to engage students and enable them to be actively involved in every lesson. Grammar and some old school definitions will not be a dominant part of the programme. Our focus will be on conversation and encouraging students to speak Serbian language with maximum support and guidance at every step during the programme.

Neki potpis za sliku

The lessons relate to Serbian culture and tradition, everyday life in Serbia, geography, history, science, sports, video games and other interesting topics. Our lessons include materials and tasks that encourage students to work independently. They are designed to help students practice writing and reading in Cyrillic (azbuka), learn new words and expand the existing vocabulary. Lessons are interesting, engaging and fun. All lessons will be exclusively in Cyrillic (azbuka).