Nikola Tesla
Genius and Electricity Inventor

Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest minds of all times. Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943) was a Serbian genius, inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist who also has been known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system. He was the first Serb nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1937 that he had, unfortunately, rejected. Tesla is the author of more than 700 patents, of which more than 300 are protected in 27 countries on five continents. Sadly, the genius died alone, poor and forgotten at the age of 87.

Milutin Milanković
Climatologist and Geophysicist

Milutin Milanković (1879 - 1958) was a Serbian mathematician, geophysicist, civil engineer, climatologist, and astronomer, founder of the Department of Celestial Mechanics at the Belgrade University and a world-renowned scientist known for ice age theory, which links earth orbit variations and long-term climate change. He is considered the founder of mathematical climate and climate modelling. In his rich and creative professional life Milutin Milanković proposed, among other things, the reform of the Gregorian and Julian calendar, which led to the construction of a unique, so far the most precise calendar (Milanković Calendar).

Mihailo Idrovski Pupin
Telephone Genius and Diplomat

Mihailo Idrovski Pupin (1854 - 1935) was a Serbian scientist, inventor, university professor, as well as the bearer of the Yugoslav prestigious White Eagle of the First Order and honorary representative of Serbia to the United States. He was also one of the founders of the Serbian People's Alliance in America as well as one of the founding members of NASA in 1915. Pupin gave huge input to the fields of multiple telegraphy, wireless telegraphy and telephony, then radiology, and has a huge credit for the development of electrical engineering. His most important and perhaps most famous discovery was Pupin's coals, used in the process of using these spools in telephone conversations at large distances called pupinisation.

Novak Djokovic
The best Tennis player in the World

Novak Djokovic (Belgrade, May 22, 1987) is a Serbian professional tennis player. Novak was number one at the ATP for more than 250 weeks in a row. Many tennis critics, former players and team-mates regard Djokovic as one of the best tennis players in history. Novak is in a professional tennis since 2003. In his previous career he has won fifteen titles on grand tournaments: seven times Open Australian Championship, four times Wimbledon, three times the US Open and once Roland Garros. He is one of five Open Tennis rivals who have won a grand slam career.

Jelisaveta Nacic
The first Female Architect

Jelisaveta Nacic was born in a rich and prominent family in Belgrade in 1878. After completing high school she decided to enrol to college. It was rare and unusual in a country where, at that time, only seven per cent of women were able to read and write. At 25, she built the famous Green Baroque Stairs on Kalemegdan, across the French Embassy. Three years later, she planned and constructed the first elementary school in Belgrade King Peter the First, located above Saborna Crkva, which is, after more than a century, still a modern building. As an urbanist, she also arranged Terazije, Kalemegdan, designed the Church of Sv. Aleksandar Nevski on Dorćol and the first tuberculosis hospital, which is a first residential building constructed with an architectural plan in the Balkans

Mileva Marić-Einstein
Maths Genius in the shadow

Mileva Marić-Einstein was a Serbian mathematician, the first wife of Alberto Einstein, one of the most ingenious people of the 20th century. There are claims that she contributed to early Einstein's works, but the degree of her participation in the discoveries is unknown and the subject of numerous controversies. Mileva was born in Titel, Vojvodina. In 1886, she started grammar school in Novi Sad, and in 1888 she moved to the secondary school in Sremska Mitrovica, where she graduated in 1890 as the best in mathematics and physics. She continued her studies in Zurich in medicine, and then continued her studies at the State Polytechnic School specialising in mathematics and physics. She was the fifth woman ever admitted to this school.