About Us

After two decades living abroad with our three children we have felt that the connection with our motherland slowly began to fade. The need of returning to our much-loved Serbia has always been present but the assimilation and integration of our children was holding us back. We wanted for our children to be as close to Serbia as possible but the luck of free time never fulfilled our desire to provide them with a solid knowledge about their roots. So we have returned home! Српска yчитељица was specifically created to provide help and guidance to all those children who wish to learn about Serbia, its language, natural beauties, culture, tradition, customs, sports, music, history, scientists, music and much more.

The project Српска yчитељица brings together experts in the field of education who have spent many years on the reaserch and discovering the best ways to assist in educating children, especially those not born in Serbia. The aim of our project is to bring all those willing to learn closer to their roots. Once students become part of our community, they will be able to establish closer ties with Serbia as well as to integrate into their new community easier and with confidence. They will also be able to communicate better with their family, relatives and friends who were left behind.

We strive to help and guide everyone who is willing to learn more about Serbia, get to know its soul, language, tradition and customs. Our educational platform is interactive and entertaining and it covers abundance of topics relating to Serbian heritage. Our platform is user fiendly and easy to use, transparent and interesting with dedicated online Serbian teacher. We have gathered an experienced team of teachers and educators who pasionatelly enjoy teaching about Serbian language, its culture, customs and tradition.
We offer full support and advice to all those willing to learn in an interesting and fun way. We know how to engage children in the learning process and that is why we have choosen interesting and engaging topics all children will absolutely love and enjoy!